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Welcome to A Step Above
Dance & Music Academy

Come dance with us!

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Children's Ballet
Benefits of Dance

A Step Above Dance & Music Academy opened in 1988 as an option for dancers and their parents who prefer dance training based in positive reinforcement and concern for the self-esteem

and self-image of the young dancer.

A Step Above Dance & Music Academy provides its students with self-confidence and feelings of accomplishment through excellent training in all areas of dance.  Director Tami Bisbee teaches with a faculty of highly-trained, caring teachers who are looking forward to helping you and your child develop a lifelong respect and appreciation for the performing arts.


We are sure your experience with us will be positive, enjoyable, and challenging. 

Our state of the art facility includes:

  • A dance program offering excellent dance technique and instruction in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and musical theater.

  • A professional learning environment.

  • A family-friendly waiting area.

  • Six separate dance classrooms, each with portable barres and full-wall mirrors.  All rooms have sprung Marley-covered floors.

  • Observation windows into each classroom as well as TV monitors in our waiting area.

  • Large, separate dressing areas for boys and girls.

  • Age-appropriate student-to-teacher ratio.  Our smaller class sizes assure safety and allow personal attention to each student.

  • Flexible scheduling with classes during evenings and Saturday mornings.

  • Numerous performance and workshops opportunities 

  • which are available to all students.

  • Daytime and evening office staff to provide assistance and to answer all of your questions.


Our Team

Our experienced teachers are committed to creating amazing experiences in the classroom for each and every student in each and every class.  Click on the image to read more about each instructor.

Tami Bisbee, Director

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary,

Musical Theater and Hip Hop

Teacher at ASA for 24 years!

Alivia Africa
Alivia Africa

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary,

Musical Theater and Hip Hop


First year teaching at ASA!

Bryanna Cure
Bryanna Cure

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater and Lyrical/Contemporary


First year teaching at ASA!

Katie Edwards
Katie Edwards

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, Musical Theater and Hip Hop

First year teaching at ASA!

Kendyll Hazzard
Kendyll Hazzard

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary,

Musical Theater and Hip Hop

Teacher at ASA for 1 year!

Ava Lessin
Ava Lessin

Hip Hop

First year teaching at ASA!

Abigail Olsen


Teacher at ASA for 14 years!

Hailey Schiedermayer

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary and Musical Theater 

Teacher at ASA for 4 years!

Sara Williams

Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Lyrical/Contemporary

Teacher at ASA for 16 years!

Shaina Williams
Shaina Williams

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary

and Hip Hop 

Teacher at ASA for 10 years!

Danielle Womack

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary and Musical Theater​

Teacher at ASA for 12 years!

Learn more about our classes!

We offer excellent technical training through our unique curriculum that has trained so many before. Dance training not only prepares a dancer for a possible dance career or college dance. People who grow up dancing tend to have excellent time management skills, self-confidence, better memory and concentration, more energy, better balance and flexibility, and lifelong friendships.

Ages 2-8 years old

The Children's Program

Learning through fun, making friendships and being cognitively appropriate. Combo classes will introduce students to the benefits of each style as well as giving parents a two for one price point. Ballet will be required unless they are taking hip hop only.

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Ages 8-18 years old

The Graded Program

For the dancer wanting to take their training to the next level, yet still maintaining a positive atmosphere. These classes will be skill-based with testing opportunities to take them to the next level. Ballet is required for all levels.

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Ages 8-18 years old

The Steps Program

All about creating lasting friendships, fostering the love of dance, and following an age-based curriculum and learning a strong dance eduation. A variety of classes are offered to give the dancer room to grow with the flexibility to pursue other interests. Ballet is not required but encouraged.

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Ages 18+

Adult and Fitness Classes

When there is a demand we offer various Adult classes as well as fitness classes. Our priority is to provide a fun and healthy environment for all who participate in these extra classes.

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Dance Pathway
Our Program

Front Desk Hours

Mondays               4:30-9:00 pm
Tuesdays               4:30-9:00 pm
Wednesdays         5:00-9:00 pm
Thursdays             4:30-9:00 pm
Saturdays              9:30-11:00 am

Children's Ballet
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