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Sarah Barnard
Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern and Contemporary

Sarah Barnard has been dancing since she was 8. First in ballet and then later adding modern and belly dance to her repertoire. She is from Auburn, Alabama where she studied and received a degree in Technical Theatre at Auburn University and has a Bachelor's of Arts from Appalachian State University in Dance. After receiving her degree in Boone, NC she moved to Charlotte, NC to dance professionally with The Wanda Project, directed by Wanda Ebright and danced in Charlotte for various grassroots dance companies, Kinetic Works and later established her own dance company, Wingspan Dance in 2012.  The dance community in Charlotte NC still thrives and she directs a division of Wingspan Dance there to this day. 

Wingspan Dance has participated in various shows on the east coast including Asheville Fringe Festival, Atlanta Fringe Festival, Sarus Festival, BOOM Festival, and put on a few shows themselves. 

Sarah moved to Madison, WI in June 2018 for new beginnings and here she established a Madison division of Wingspan Dance. They have performed in Bare Bones dance show, Milwaukee Fringe Festival, and continue to make dances here too.

Sarah teaches children dance and she strives to promote dance for adult dancers as well. Here in Madison, WI she teaches Preschool at Hickory Hill Academy and loves being involved in outdoorsy things, playing with her dog, spending time with family and cooking.

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