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  • 45-minute dance class for an 8 week session

  • DancerGarten is for the young dancers ages 2-4 who's love for learning can hardly keep them sitting still! 

  • Teaches the basic building blocks of dance while stimulating other areas of the brain by involving reading, art, music, and creative play.

  • Teaches vocabulary for basic movements.

  • Models the structure of a dance class setting.

  • Encourages imagination.

  • Builds lasting memories.

  • Fosters a true love for dance!

  • Written by professional dancers and successful certified educators, all trained in both the technique of dance and the pedagogy of young students.

  • Each week will have a different theme that can be explored in multiple ways with dance, poetry, stories, songs, props, costumes or crafts.  The final week will be a Family Presentation Day where teachers, dancers and parents alike can celebrate all of their growth and accomplishments.

  • Our DancerGarten program does not perform in our annual spring performance.


Choose a positive dance education today!


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