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Taking Practicing to the Next Level!

One of the things I get asked the most as a dance teacher is how do I get better! My advise over the years has changed quite a bit in this area!

Growing up I was always told the practice made perfect. As a dance teacher, I began to wonder is this really true? When you practice does it really create perfection?

"If you think you can or can't, you're right."

As I enter my 25th year of teaching, I disagree more and more with the idea that practice equals perfection. I find that practice does in fact excel our learning but it is never a guarantee for perfection.

As a dance teacher, we practice and clean dances to achieve perfection, but if the dancer's heart isn't in the practice. If they don't want to achieve perfection, then it simply will not be achieved.

The mind is a powerful force in our lives. It can be our biggest ally or our worst enemy. Positive mindset is key to achieving our goals in all aspect of our lives. The desire to reach perfection is a stronger force than practice alone.

So take a moment and remember this when you are working on a physical goal and I'm sure you will reach it!

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